Client Free Recruitment Offer

Government Backed Scheme – Free Recruitment Service for Clients

Due to the current climate, we are offering all clients a free recruitment service to companies in the UK through a government backed scheme to get local, reliable and experienced candidates in front of all available positions at NO COST to the employer, whilst saving them time and resources.

This involves:

An initial meeting with our potential new client to confirm all job details including job spec, pay rates, FT / PT and any other details.

We will then provide you with candidates that have been thoroughly vetted through  our screening process local to your job.

For more information on this process and how it can help your business, please call us on 0121 638 0122 or contacting Premier Solutions and we will call you back and go through all.

Again, this is a totally free service with no hidden costs whatsoever

We hope to hear from you soon – Premier Solutions